About Duhok

Duhok, where our institution is located, is a city in the north of Iraq, with a population of approximately 350 thousand and the majority of its population is composed of Kurdish and Assyrians. Duhok is located on the Duhok River, which carries the Duhok Dam on it and near the Tigris River. Duhok Dam was built in 1988 with the main purpose of providing water for irrigation. The city is strategically located between the two mountains from the northeast to Bekhair and from the southeast to Zaiwa. In ancient Iraq, the city has served as an important trade passage to for Syria and Turkey and its name comes from taxes taken from the trailers. According to many historians, mainly the famous Hüseyin Huzni Mokriani, the name comes from the fact that the Kurdish prince (Akh Shindo) in the middle of the fourth century took the crops as taxes. It was discovered by archaeological excavations in the suburbs of the city that the city of Duhok was an important commercial and military settlement in ancient times. The population of Duhok, where tourism has come to the forefront as an important industry, has grown rapidly since the 1990s with the migration of the rural population to the cities. Founded in 1992, Duhok University is a famous and important center for teaching and research in the region.

Multicultural As a City of Tolerance

The city of Duhok has an important feature for our schools, which have gained popularity with international students from different cultures. Duhok is a multicultural and multi-religious city, which creates a warm atmosphere and a tolerant environment for our students.

The people of Duhok speak Kurdish, which is part of the Indo-European languages; women and men wear modern international clothes alongside their own special Kurdish os.

The relations between family members in the city of Duhok are very strong. The youngest treats the oldest with respect and listens to advice. Kurdish women have a big role in family and society. People in Duhok respect and appreciate the guests and foreigners. This is why Duhok provides a very convenient environment for our mission and vision.

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