Oxford Quality Program

The Oxford Quality Program is implemented in the schools of our institution. The Oxford Quality Program was developed by Oxford University and complies with the international language standard. This program also follows innovative methodologies. Our system applies both traditional and modern approaches. With the Oxford Quality Program, our students prepare project assignments and reinforce new language structures and vocabulary. They develop their language learning and development with this method which we can say "learning by doing".

Communicative Approach

In our Oxford Quality Program system, language structures are introduced with topics such as science, sports, music, family or social life via repeated usage of the drama techniques. Students also repeat what they have learned in class. This system is called the "Communicative Approach". And it stands out as a very important issue in the learning process.

Project Based Learning

Students prepare various projects about what they learn and present them in the classroom. In this process, teachers guide the students. Students must do all the research and preparation themselves. This method is called "Project-Based Learning".

The curricula in the schools of our institution are designed using these methods and are carefully selected among the subjects that the students will be interested in. To make sure that the lessons are interactive, songs, games are frequently used, and language learning is made fun with activities.

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